Friday, 25 May 2018

                                                        hooked on books

this week was hooked on books week where we get a new book everyday of the week and read it for that day and on wednesday we read 'the first hippo on the moon',  we had to draw our own illustration with a partner I had Bree, each pair got there own page/paragraph of the book and we illustrated it ourselves, how we did this is by drawing our illustration on a piece of fabric and then making a flour and water paste, then we scooped the paste into a bag and cut the tip off then we piped the paste onto our drawings , when it dried we painted it and then we had to wait for the paint to dry, when it dried we peeled the dried flour paste off and then we were done here is mine and Bree's.
I really enjoyed when we had to peel off the dried paste because it was very satisfying and what I found challenging was piping the flour paste because it was a bit thin and comes out really fast but if it was a bit thicker it would probably be better.

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