Friday, 30 November 2018

Pet day!

Today at our school is Pet day, where some kids bring in their Pets; like, Sheep, horses, cats, dogs, ect.
We have a timetable for what we're doing today, so the first thing we had to do is make either a Vegetable sculpture or a sand saucer, I buddied up with my friend called Chloe to make this saucer, we used rocks, flowers and of course sand.
Chloe and I liked how this turned out because we also added our own little rocks called stanley and leah.
           here is a closer picture of our work on the left there is stanley and on the right there is leah.
What we have next is I think the hobby horse race and it is a choice to race on a hobby horse.

After break we then read a bit of our class book called 'boy underwater', while having some morning tea. A bit after the teacher finished reading a chapter we got told to head outside for duck herdling, where a dog called De (I think that's how you spell it) hurdled ducks like he would with sheep, it was quite funny watching De hurdle ducks because it's not something you would see on an average day.
After De finished herdling the ducks into a bright orange net, some kids got a bit sensitive because The owner of De picked the ducks up by their necks and people thought it was hurting them, but then we soon found out that the neck is the strongest part of a duck.
we then Huddled into a semi circle on one side of the pit for questions to ask the man controlling De (i'm also not sure what his name is).
we then went over to this little cage where inside was a sheep, it was Ms Adams pet sheep and she brought it in to show us how she sheared a sheep, I've never seen a sheep being sheared before so the was he was holding the sheep sorta freaked me out, but I guess it's normal for a sheep.

while we were getting back in our positions around the pit, Mrs Tebbet was setting up for the hobby horse course, this race was optional, you would find there were homemade ones and store bought ones, I didn't do the race but I watched my friend Chloe do it, the teacher took some pictures of the year 8's (and Nikoli)
after all that we had lunch and the PTA were making free sausage sizzle for the school, during lunch break Mrs Taylor went around Putting Letters and Numbers on our hand saying which group we're in, I was in group 'E1'. After lunch we then Lined up in our groups on the court and headed of with a teacher for our first rotation of activities, there were a whole range of them like, Gumboot throwing, hay bale race, egg and spoon race, ect. My favourite activity would probably have to be either gumboot throwing or the egg and spoon race, after all the activities were completed it was then time for the animals to come, there were cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, and more.
then they did these judging things and I got to help with judging small dogs, with this boy and his girlfriend, I helped out the girl (again I forgot their names) I was writing down what she thought was good about the dog and then I gave it to the owner of the dog.
I personally found Pet day really fun because this was the first one i've ever been too, and I find them really fun and exciting.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Attitude visit

On wednesday someone from Attitude called Tama (Tamati) came to visit Rimu class, and he talked about how our personalities kinda define us, he talked about these 4 animals, an otter, a lion, a golden retriever and, a beaver.
an Otter is like the funny guy in the class, or someone who wants to make EVERYTHING seem fun.
a Golden retriever is someone who is very loyal to their friends, and finds it really hard to say no.
a lion is someone who likes to take charge in things, not in a bad way so people will listen, but they take charge so everyone will want to listen.
and a beaver is someone who just wants everything to be perfect the first time they do it.
but i really enjoyed the laughs that happened.

Hooked on books week

This week is 'Hooked on books week' where everyday we get a new book for the teachers to read to the class, they can be any genre like maybe a funny one, or a pick-a-path.

Day 1:
our first book was liars, where a kid named jarlie created an app called 'the truth app' where it detects when somebody is lying, one day his dad was driving somewhere then all of a sudden got caught in a car "accident" which jarlie thinks it was on purpose because there was and old man with thick dark glasses in a brown Ute ramming into a their car, they had to go to hospital as his dad was in pretty bad state. as soon as they got to the hospital Jarlie's dad got rushed to the hospital, Jarlie had to wait in the waiting room, he went outside for fresh air and saw the brown ute that crashed into them, jarlie was frightened and ran back into the hospital aiming for somebody to call for help, he then got caught up with the old man who was trying to chase him, about there i sorta forgot what else happened all i know is that he was soon taken home with his dad with paparazzi outside his home as his app has gone viral.
Image result for liars jack heath

day 2:
for day 2 we read 'launch your head off 4 ever' this book had a 9 different stories in one book, we read 3 of them, out first one (which is the only one i'm going to explain) was written by andy griffiths and i'm not sure what it was called but it was about Andy and his friend Danny were being stupid and rolling a pram down a hill road with Andy sitting in the pram, and his friend Danny accidentally let go of the pram and it just went down hill (get it) from there, he got chased by a dog, landed in a pool, got stuck on train tracks and it was just a really funny story, I think we all enjoyed it because I know I did.
Image result for launch your head off 4 ever

Day 3:
for day 3 we read 'Goldfish boy' I didn't really know what was going on as I wasn't listening because that day I just had a weird mind blank for what was happening that day, all I remember is that I guess the main character was called matthew and his little brother died and I think he has something to do with his brothers death.
Image result for goldfish boy
for day 4 we're not sure what we're reading because it's meant to be a surprise for us, and we also have book character day. I can't wait to find out what we're reading.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Recount // Athletics day!

for the past 3 weeks, we have been writing recounts,
these are mainly some of the points we have been focusing on:

  • time connectives
  • Descriptive Language (similes, metaphors, sets of 3, etc.)
  • Advanced Punctuation (semi-colons, colons, brackets, hyphens, etc.) 
I have written about athletics day and what were the events that happened, this is my recount I wrote about athletics and re-wrote it on a site called piktochart:

Friday, 26 October 2018

Geometry and measurement

for maths, we have been learning Geometry and Measurement for the last few weeks, the slide I found the easiest was this one because all you had to do was look at the shape and the numbers inside, then you add up the numbers inside till it becomes a bigger number, then you have to figure out what is the number you have to add it up to in this case our teacher added a video which says what number you have to add it up to. 360. then you either take away the number you have from 360 and then you have your anwser, well that what I did maybe you have a different way of finding out this sum.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Study novel // Enemy at the gate

For reading this term the teacher provided us with this new thing called 'study novel', each reading group has a different book/novel depending on their reading ability, I got given a book called 'enemy at the gate' by Philippa Werry.
Philippa Werry is a New Zealand author and has written around 50 books from the earliest of 1999 and her latest of 2018.
Image result for Enemy at the Gate
The book I'm reading at the moment (enemy at the gate) was published in 2008, it takes place in December 1936 where a thing called polio cases were suspected. then a Polio epidemic was sweeping the country. the schools, swimming pools, and movie theaters were banned for children, travel was restricted down for children as well. The main characters name is Tom and he LOVES to run just like his idol Jack Lovelock. Tom was also the best runner in school, he has a best friend called Charlie, they live in a little bay called Lyall bay. I haven't read much of the book as I'm only up to chapter 4, so there's not much more I can add.